Safety Manual

Scott AndersonAn accident is defined as an unplanned event which frequently results in injury or damage and is invariably preceded by an unsafe act and/or unsafe condition. Accidents are an unnecessary waste of both our human and economic resources. Although some accidents are due to unsafe conditions that can be minimized with periodic inspections and preventive maintenance, over 90% of all accidents are due to unsafe acts and human failure. It is the responsibility of each employee to comply with safety and health standards and all rules which are applicable to their own actions and conduct. This manual has been prepared for the guidance and safety of all employees. Compliance with safety rules is mandatory. Strict observance is necessary to prevent accidents.


No phase of operations is of greater importance than accident prevention. The degree of safety and the results accomplished are directly proportional to the effort expended to control the conditions, practices and human actions that are responsible for accidents.
The LD&S safety program has four principal objectives:

  1. Eliminate hazardous conditions to the extent possible.

  2. Train employees to recognize potential hazards and take action
    to prevent injuries or illnesses.

  3. Anticipate and minimize hazardous conditions in the workplace
    by pre-job planning and while the job is in process.

  4. Provide personal protective equipment where hazards still exist.

Due to the risks and unknown hazards involved in Logan Diving & Salvage’s (LD&S) work it is not always possible to foresee every safety hazard. Therefore every LD&S employee, from management to part time employee, must constantly be aware and recognize potential safety hazards. As potential safety hazards arise employees shall take appropriate action to eliminate or minimize these possible hazards.

In case of emergency involving hazard to life, the employee in charge may modify or suspend such portion of the safety manual as may be considered temporarily necessary to permit proper handling of the specific emergency.

Safety Policy

LD&S and its employees are dedicated to providing the safest and healthiest working conditions possible. LD&S shall have an open minded policy on safety issues and treat each safety concern with equal consideration no matter who has initiated the concern. LD&S shall not compromise the safety of its employees or others because of the urgency or emergency of a job. LD&S primary goal is to have zero injuries, accidents, and losses every year. Implementation of this policy will require:

  1. Strict adherence to the LD&S Safety Manual, OSHA Regulations, Customer Site-Specific Safety Manual, and an overall safety attitude.

  2. Continuous training on safety and related areas. Maintaining and providing the proper equipment, including personal protective equipment and tools, to complete jobs safely.

  3. Pre-job safety planning and on-the-job safety planning to minimize the risk of potential safety hazards.

  4. Establishing a safety committee involving management, employees, and safety director to discuss safety, accidents, potential hazards, new regulations and to keep management and employees in touch with each other concerning safety.


Certifications & Associations

Certifications & Associations DNV GL Abbotts Field TAPPISAFE Association of Diving
Contractors International PEC Safety Browz Operator Qualification Solutions Group

Marine Specialty Contractor # SCC131151014


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