Logan Diving & Salvage is ready to provide salvage services for marine casualties on an emergency response basis or on traditional negotiated "no cure no pay" basis.

Logan Diving & Salvage has raised numerous vessels, tugs, dredges, barges, aircraft, breasting dolphins, and structures over the years and stands ready to serve your needs when disaster strikes.

Salvage methods differ depending on the location and circumstances of the casualty. Traditional methods include the following:

  • Dead Lift
  • Dewatering
  • Compressed Air (Patch and Blow)
  • Demolition/Sectioning

Certifications & Associations

Marine Specialty Contractor # SCC131151014


Latest News

March 2015
Logan Diving & Salvage USA/Carribean Division provided surface supplied diving systems, management, commercial divers, and ancillary equipment to assist with underwater multibeam scanning of a recently failed Bridge in Jacksonville, Florida... more info.

February 2015
Logan Diving & Salvage completes comprehensive level 1 substructure inspection of global energy and bulk commodities suppliers marine facility, Kingston, Jamaica... more info.

November 2014
Space X Calls on Logan Diving & Salvage to assist with new ocean going automomous landing pad in support of the FALCON 9 program. Logan Diving & Salvage Divers and equipment were requested by SPACE X to provide diving support services to the new autonomous floating landing pad that measures 90 meters by 50 meters... more info.

August 2014
TPC Sawgrass called in Logan Diving & Salvage / USA Division
to dredge around an intake pipe and remove and replace the clogged intake screen... more info.

July-August 2014
Logan Diving & Salvage / USA Division
provides commercial diving services to recover a 300 ton failed breasting dolphin... more info.

April 2014
Logan Diving & Salvage
Caribbean Division / Puerto Rico
provides commercial diving services for transoceanic fiber optic cable landing at Condado Beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico... more info.

January 2014
Logan Diving & Salvage / USA Division offers contract pumping, dewatering, and hydraulic pump rentals... more info.

January 2014
Logan Diving & Salvage / USA Division Completes underwater cast iron potable water main ball and socket joint repair... more info.

September - October 2013
Logan Diving & Salvage / USA Division Provides cable landing assistance, sectional aluminum barges and work boat services for transoceanic fiber optic cable landing in south Atlantic / Ft .Lauderdale... more info.

April - May 2013
Logan Diving & Salvage was contracted to provide surface supplied diving systems, offshore work boats, logistics, management, commercial divers, ancillary equipment, and requirements to assist with a transoceanic fiber optic cable landings at Neptune Beach, Florida... more info.

Space Shuttle
June 2012

Logan Diving & Salvage assist with Explorer delivery to Johnson Space Center-Houston, Texas... more info.

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